Hypnosis involves achieving a heightened state of concentration and mindfulness and entering into a trance. You decide on the depth and duration of the trance. You remain part consciousness, so you can even help steer the process. This takes place in the context of a trusting environment.

We can strengthen your inner resources and awaken your natural self-healing processes and work on your suffering using the strength of your subconscious. Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to conventional medical treatment, but it can support it.

Hypnotherapy cannot be performed in tandem with a psychodynamic therapy. And sometimes it is useful to do one first. We clarify this in an initial interview.

Please check with your insurer to see whether and to what extent they will cover the costs. A minimum of 10-15 sessions is advisable.


  • Symptom-oriented hypnotherapy
  • Success and creativity training
  • Hypnotherapy for oncological and immune-related diseases