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Autogenic training / Progressive muscle relaxation

… takes place every week and you may join an open group to exercise it. It is necessary to talk about your goals and your health in general at first. Thereby we´ll avoid a wrong treatment throughout the relaxation which influences body and soul. Please call me for contact, bring a referral from your general practitioner and your insurance card. The course will held in german language, but we can work on individuell translations.

Intellectual Giftedness / High sensitivity

If you are at the height of your career or rather a sort of underachiever or just something in between – high gifted people have their own problems, too. What ever it is, you are welcome!

Sometimes it seems to be combined with high sensitivity which feels like beeing easily overwhelmed from sensory stimuli such as light, noises or sensations. This complex concepts often occur in my practice. The good news is that there are no pathologic constructs. But the bad news is, counsellation ist not covered by any inssurance. We can arrange a few counsellations to clarify your special needs.

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