I am a therapist that works with children, adolescents and adults. I also provide personal coaching suited to various life situations. In my capacity as a couple’s therapist, I also help couples who want to develop their relationships. My particular specialisations are post-natal mental health and old age. See „Therapy“ for more information.

I welcome all genders and sexual orientations. And all types of living arrangements including singles, traditional families and communities. I am open-minded and enjoy familiarising myself with foreign cultures, providing psychotherapy in English as well as in German. People often ask me how psychotherapy “works” and I’ve tried to briefly explain this on my Philosophy page. I hope you find it an enjoyable and informative read! I’m looking forward to hearing from you:

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„I understand my role as a psychotherapist as a companion and supporter of health-promoting behavior that the person who comes to me develops from himself and his possibilities.“

Video therapy

The video conversation is one of the ways to find a way to coaching, therapy or counseling if you find it difficult to go to a practice. Especially in times of pandemics.

Video therapy