Video therapy

One approach to therapy, counselling or coaching could be a videocall. This might be your way, if

  • you are for psychological or somatical reasons unable to come
  • there´s a lack of transportation
  • your immune and lymphatic system is weak
  • you travel alot while working
  • you need some space to work things out without a need for longterm therapy
  • you are too busy to come because of your family demands
  • a pandemic does not allow you to come

Does a videocall fit to me?

Please notice that videocalls cannot substitute treatment processes.

There is lack of perception of one another in various dimensions. Subtle interventions are to be done in analog talking at specific times. Your perception of beeing together ist different to a videocall. These parameters are important to psychodynamic therapy.

Besides, videocalls could be spoiled by interruptions such as family needs, technical problems a.s.o. In my  practice you find a quiet room that gives you distance from daily challenges. You are better preserved to enfold your presence in contact with yourself and with me, there is a development of trust, recognition, self awareness and external perception.

This is why I prefer meeting you in person for one to three times first. The inssurance companies provide this before they take over the costs for videotherapy. Private inssurances do not cover these costs. If you pay it from your own pocket you are free to make an appointment whenever you wish.

Technical preconditions

You should be computer literate, your computer has to be updated and your internet link is to be stable. Switch your camera and your microphone on and check your data protection adjustment.

Formal premises

Members of german sick funds need a valid inssurance card and a valid mobile phone number. Members of private health inssurances need a written allowance and inssurance number or have to pay it by themselves.  If you pay it by yourself you need a valid identity card. Please send me a scan from both side via with your valid e-mail-adress. By no later than 15 minutes before the videocall use Paypal for payment.


  1. Please use the contact form to get in touch.
  2. When you receive my date proposal please confirm it within 24 hours.
  3. Make sure that you have payed in advance.
  4. Please prepare a calm and undisturbed setting without anyone else and probably something to drink.
  5. Check your technical equipment.
  6. Check your messages and insert the link into your browser, then follow the instructions, and inject name and code.
  7. Enter the virtual waiting room, I will pick you up.
  8. If there occur any technical problems during our videocall please call me directly.